Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm

The first Butterfly Farm in Saint Martin opened its doors to the public in 1994. It is also called La Ferme Des Papillons because of its location on the French-side of the tiny dual nation Caribbean Island of St Martin/St Maarten. It was designed and built by two eccentric Englishmen, William Slayter (owner) and John Coward.

Four hurricanes later William decided to open another Farm in Aruba with his great friends Tony and Lori Cox who became partners in the venture. The doors were opened there in May 1999. Since then thousands of visitors have been welcomed to the Farms. William remains at the Farm in St Martin today and is still entertaining visitors on his tours with his quirky British humor! Tony and Lori continue to thrive in Aruba.

Hundreds of exotic butterflies from all around the world, South America, South East Asia, Philippines, Australia, China, Africa, Malaya and so on!! Among some of the favorites are the iridescent beautiful Blue Morpho butterflies from the rainforests of South America. The giant Atlas Moth (technically not a butterfly!) and friendly Tree Nymph from S.E Asia. Our very own Caribbean Longwings and of course the Monarch! Too many species to mention…sometimes we are lucky enough to have the transparent Glass wings

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