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Decades ago, the Simpson Bay Lagoon was fringed with white sand beaches and the little settlement of Simpson Bay was home to the island’s fishermen.

The fishing still goes on, but Simpson Bay has changed into St. Maarten’s epicenter of tourism, with world-class marinas, countless restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Many of the bigger resorts are within walking distance of the area’s entertainment.

The larger urbanity of Cole Bay blends right into Simpson Bay, but many residents and business prefer to list ‘Simpson Bay’ as their address, even though they are actually located on Cole Bay proper. In our writing, we use “Simpson Bay” to describe any business or attraction up to the Hollywood Casino on Airport Road or Boulevard.

The main road is lined with bars, restaurants, nightclubs (adult as well) and rental car agencies, with the occasional bank, supermarket and boutique completing the mix.

The Dutch side of the island Sint Maarten is leading the strong real estate market. Around the coast, new luxury developments are being constructed. There are new gated communities with waterfront access, boat slips and world class amenities. Taller buildings with comfortable condominiums are becoming more common as well.

American buyers seem to prefer the Dutch side at this time, because on the surface there are similarities to life in the US: English is the common language, power is 110 Volts, the currency is the US-Dollar, the supermarkets carry a large selection of American products, the typical fast food restaurants are ever present, US cable TV is standard.

For decades, St. Maarten/St. Martin has been one of the world’s leading timeshare destinations with very high owner satisfaction being the key to the industry’s success. For a long time the larger resorts have been sold out and only recently have the industry’s leaders added more capacity to their properties.

The owners of timeshare properties have become an integral part of St. Maarten’s community; they are remembered by local residents and welcomed with open arms.

St Maarten is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands since October 10th, 2010. There are no restrictions for foreigners to own real estate and there are no property taxes. Real Estate closings will be performed in English, with a Queen appointed Notary representing both seller and buyer and covering all aspects of title search and insurance. Typically, buyer and seller are not represented by their own counsel. A notary in the European legal system has a highly honourable position and only the most accomplished attorneys will achieve this status.

There are several well regarded trust companies operating on Sint Maarten and they will be able to provide both advice and services.




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