10 Reasons to...

10 Reasons to...

visit...stay...invest..and love Sint Maarten!

… Visit

  1. Great Beaches – From an active beach scene to remote stretches of sand and nude beaches, the island has it all, year around sunshine.
  2. Best Dining – Known as the Caribbean gourmet island, St. Maarten/St. Martin might be a culinary world leader with its restaurant selection.
  3. Best Nightlife – Clubs for every taste, 14 casinos. Nonstop action for the party crowd. Drinking age 18.
  4. Best Caribbean Shopping – Duty free bargains everywhere, look for jewelry, perfumes, liquors, tobacco products and much more.
  5. Instant Island Addiction – Most visitors come back every year, many own a piece of paradise in one of St. Maarten’s world class vacation ownership resorts.
  6. Most Cosmopolitan Island on Earth – Only 37 square miles, but 2 nations and over 80 nationalities. Showing the world that we all can get along…
  7. Great Investment Opportunities – The island is open for business with an investor friendly legislation. Real estate is booming, time to buy your dream vacation home, before prices go through the roof.
  8. Best Port for Yachts – Most marinas, boat yards and supply stores – all duty free prices, often cheaper than in the States. Start your cruise or charter here!
  9. European/Caribbean Culture with American Comforts – Foreign enough to be exotic, but English is the most common language and the US-Dollar and Euro the usual currency.
  10. Friendly and Safe - No reason to be trapped in the resort – this island is to be enjoyed and explored. Rental car is a must to experience St. Maarten/St. Martin and its friendly people.
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… Stay

  1. Fantastic community – Very open minded society with over eighty nationalities living together in peace, no problem for expatriates to integrate. An example to the rest of the world.
  2. For some people the most comfortable climate on Earth – Never cold in winter and cooled down by the trade winds in Summer.
  3. Wide variety of real estate – available for buy and rent, fitting most budgets.
  4. Good air – lift with hourly non-stop flights to the US and daily non-stop connections to Europe.
  5. No red tape or any fees importing items – order online Monday and have it on island by Friday.
  6. Best nightlife – with thirteen casinos and an active nightclub and bar scene.
  7. Best restaurants in the Caribbean – with any imaginable kind of cuisine available for all budget.
  8. Attractive mountainous landscape – still plenty of open space.
  9. Great shopping – at best prices for European designer fashion, jewelry of any kind, cosmetics.
  10. Great grocery stores - with supplies from both the US and Europe, wide selection of gourmet items.
2016 planning and news from Sint Maarten

… Invest

  1. An exciting and open investment climate – with various incentives for international investors.
  2. A growing real estate market with international appeal – even riding out the US economic problems.
  3. Fantastic infrastructure – with two international airports and some of the world’s best marinas, creating a prime destinations for the international jet-set.
  4. Attractive offshore – solutions available with several offshore banking centers only 15 air minutes away.
  5. Legal residency – on the island can be arranged with low effort.
  6. No customs duties – on imported items, no red tape of any kind, bring your car, furniture and more without high cost.
  7. Good business – climate with open legislation, allowing foreign investors to operate without mandatory local partners Maximum Tax 30% (as in many other Caribbean countries).
  8. Good telecommunications – with broadband Internet connections available everywhere from competing suppliers.
  9. Good history – of real estate values: steady increase of market value.
  10. Save and stable democratic governments - on both the French and Dutch side of the island.
2016 planning and news from Sint Maarten

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