In St. Maarten, your limits are the sky in one direction and the bottom of the sea in the other.

Sail away in a romantic sunset cruise. Motor a catamaran along the mythical line separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. Charter a fishing vessel and set out for giant marlin. Dive. Fish. Hike. Climb historic Mount Concordia. Do it all. See it all.

For here there are no limits other than the boundaries of nature itself. When you are staying at the Simpson Bay Resort & Marina you are half the way to the adventure and fun. Get in contact with the staff at the Aqua Mania kiosk located inside of the resort and choose from a vast variety of activities to do around the island or try your luck at the independently owned and operated Hollywood Casino once the sun goes down.



Right in the center of St. Maarten's main resort district, you'll find Isola Ristorante. And if you ask Italians living on the island, they might tell you that you find the most authentic nothern Italian cuisine here.

An all Italian culinary team is lead by chef Pietro Persichino.
Only fresh and original ingredients are used to prepare the dishes.
Isola Ristorante has become a 'must dine' for vacationers, but is also very popular with local residents! (Follow the locals if you want to know where the food is good...)

Isola Restaurant Sint Maarten

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